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This is the letter i sent the Attorney General

I am lodging a formal complaint against Directv. I canceled Directv after 16 years

for a better deal and paid off my final bill. Now they are taking $65.97 out of our

Bank Account for a suposed pay perview charge from 2010 for basketball and

2 movies which we did not order. They stated that we did it with our remote control

which we never had that capability. We always had to order any shows with the

800 number because it was the only way we could order. Now, No one in this house

ever watches basketball or ever would but they say we did. I got them to credit back

$35.00 but they are keeping $30.00 and change for something we didn't do. I've had

problems with them many times in the past which was another factor for dropping

them. I don't mind paying what we owe but they are stealing money from our Bank

and i would like my money back. They also stated that it was ordered from our den

TV box but we never had a box anywhere but our 3 bedrooms only. I just want you

to look into this. Thank you, John W. Davis

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My World Plus - Does not include information as to the availability of products available in other countries.

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My World Plus

Firstly I am going to make it clear that I believe the company to be of genuine standing if you live in the USA.My complaint is that until you join the program you do not have access to the availability of the discount products to consumers in other countries.

After sending emails requesting information as to where to find what is available in Australia I am still none the wiser.

The program is based around discount products which is mainly where you make your money.

Other than that I am still hanging in there with hope.

Review about: Discount Savings.



To the department that sends out the ads. I have checked on getting Direct TV. And find it is not for me so would really appreciate not being bombarded with mailings several times a month.

This last time two days in succession because I didn't buy. Anyway please take my name off the mailing list.

The best deal you could make is let us buy what channels we want at .20 cents per.

( 29.99/150 =.20 ) Then you could save you advertising money.

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